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About the Maniacs !

The John Deere Maniacs Anonymous concept emerged when a great WEB creator and a John Deere Maniac started talking about a weird web site concept that the maniac had in his head.

The 2 of them talked (fantasized) about the idea for 6 months before finally jumping into the adventure.

The John Deere maniac wanted to have a web site that every individual that had his passion for the product could exchange stories, videos and information about this great product.

He also wanted to offer other maniacs a chance to exchange memorabilia's from one to the other. How often the John Deere maniac did looked for a particular item and could not find it? This site would (hopefully) open a John Deere memorabilia exchange concept.

For the WEB creator, his excitement in the project was to be able to use is knowledge in a super fun project and be able to display his talent.

He could play around with what he already was able to do but also try some new stuff.

We hope that you enjoy this web site has much as we had fun building and maintaining it.


Claude Mazerolle - John Deere Maniac
Bobby Bougie - Website Creator


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